miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Tutorial Pantuflas

Se viene la época invernal, y que mejor proyecto que hacernos unas pantuflas en casa...
Aquí va el tuto.


Now that fall is here, I wake up every morning with cold toes- yes, even in Southern California. For a while I've been wanting to try making my own slippers with a fun and whimsical twist and my icy toes were the perfect excuse. This project could be altered and adapted in so many different ways and would be a great little handmade gift for the holidays.



I have a huge pile of colorful felt squares (those cheap ones you can buy for .29) and scraps of fleece and I decided that they were perfect to use for my slippers.

For the sole of the slipper, I started by tracing my foot onto a piece of felt. I traced it a little larger than the exact size of my foot so I would have a little room.

I then cut out the shape and used it as a template to cut out two pieces of fleece (two pieces for a little stability and for warmth).

All three pieces got stacked on top of each (the felt for the bottom and the fleece for the top) and then repeated for the second slipper.

With a zig zag stitch, I sewed all three pieces together around the edge of the sole.


Next, I cut out the top of the slipper from another piece of felt.


Again, I made it a little bigger than my actual foot.


I used different colors of felt and cut petals for the surface.


I sewed the petals down.


I created leaves with a free motion stitching.


After the flower petals were sewn to the surface I cut a piece of fleece to back the top of the slipper, leaving enough fleece to fold over.


With a zig zag stitch, I sewed the fleece to the felt.


I pinned the top panel to the sole and sewed it on the outside with a zig zag stitch.


I created another flower by cutting out petals,


and adding a dab of glue and pinching to create dimension.


I glued all of the petals together until it formed a flower.


I applied glue- Liquid Fusion- to the middle of the flower and sprinkled beads onto the glue and let dry.

Last, I glued the leaves and the flower to the top of the slipper.

I just couldn't resist hand sewing some more of the beads to the edges.



And there you have it- a pair of bright, fun and whimsical slippers for my cold toes :)

Un beso a todas!!